1. Basic Counselling Skills

This course offers training in basics of counselling, the skills involved in different modalities of counseling such as tech based (telephonic, video, chat, email) or in person. The participants will learn how counselling skills can be applied in a variety of situations such as relationships, managing transitions, stressful situations, and self-regulation. This course will help the individual gain awareness, identify problems and work towards evolving solutions in their own lives, as well as equip them practical knowledge required in the field of counseling. This course aims to be a bridge for many helping professions, such as social work, paramedical fields, service industry, and education where counseling skills can be beneficial.

2. Advanced Counselling Skills Training

This comprehensive course provides the essential skills and techniques to become a counselor. Advance counselling skills course will deepen the understanding of the skills like attending, empathetic confrontation needed for counselling with appropriate supervision. Participants will also understand theories of personality and various approaches to counseling. This course provides hands on guidance on how to design a series of counselling sessions for various issues the client presents with. A basic understanding of various disorders will provide an edge in counseling practice.

3. Certificate course in NLP (Basic level)

This course offers the understanding of Neuro- Linguistic Program and covers the strategies to enhance quality of life, relationships and work. This course will provide you with a wide range of valuable life skills, knowledge, and expertise which will allow you to understand how people communicate, grow, learn, change, and develop.

4. Certificate Course in NLP (Advance level)

This comprehensive course offers techniques and strategies that can be used professionally to enhance growth. The modules include empirically proven skills and tools which can be practiced in the course and gain knowledge, increase self- confidence, discover one’s potential and achieve excellence with right guidance and support. The skills in the course can be applied in various areas of life for effective communication, build healthy relations to have a quality life.

5. Life Skills Coaching and Youth Animation

This course aims to provide skill and confidence to be a life skill trainer or youth animator. The topics covered in this course are goal setting, problem solving and time management. After this workshop participants will be equipped with the right strategies and tools to manage time, set goals and achieve their dreams.

6. Positive Psychology in Everyday life

This course will enable participants to learn the nuances of pleasant, and meaningfully engaged life and will enable individuals to thrive. This course focusses on understanding the foundation of positive psychology, the components of well- being and how to cultivate the best within themselves. It includes activities designed to help participants to build on their positives using a strengths based approach.

7. Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This course is the Introduction to Cognitive behavioral Therapy(CBT) which covers the basic concepts of CBT and with insights of how thoughts, feelings and behavioral influence each other. After completion of this course participants with above knowledge can discover the stuck points and belief system of the client that may cause hindrance to their quality of life and growth. Research based techniques are included in the course to modify the thoughts and core beliefs which can be implemented in individual and group therapy sessions. The participants can benefit by reflecting and applying the concepts and techniques of CBT in their life.

8. Health & Wellness

This course intends to elevate well-being by de stigmatizing mental health issues. This insightful course covers understanding of some of the common concerns like anxiety, burnout, low self-esteem, stress & anxiety along with information about the mind body connection. After completion of the course participants will be empowered with understanding of various health issues, and be equipped with relevant self-help skills to identity and intervene for enhanced wellbeing.

9. Introduction to mental health disorders

This course introduces participants to the range of mental health disorders. It gives an overview about the signs and symptoms to look out for while assessing behavior. It is a useful course that helps to strengthen skills to understand the disorders and provide better support through interventions. A good mix of theory and case specific inputs will ensure that the learner has a comprehensive view of behavior along the continuum of mental health and illness.

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