About Samagra:


Jesuit philosophy of Education has a history of 450 years which aims to guide individuals intellectually, morally, and spiritually thus directing them toward living a life of solidarity, service and success. It inspires students to live a purposeful and fulfilling life of leadership and values. One of its important characteristics is to inculcate a love for lifelong learning. It views every person as a unique creation of God. Therefore the goal of Jesuit education has always been to prepare individuals to be wise and compassionate as they become men and women for others. The ethos of Jesuit Education emphasizes on emotional intelligence and mental health as important components. Cura Personalis, meaning ‘care for the whole person’ is emphasized by personal attention to individuals, and holistic care for the mind, body and spirit.

Samagra is a Holistic Wellness Center established in the year 2021 by the Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society (BJES). It was conceived with a vision to empower individuals with mental health awareness and to offer support and assist them in maintaining holistic health and wellness. It is a platform for all the counselors in various BJES institutions to come together for their professional development and to offer their expertise to all stakeholders involved. The two main tenets of Samagra are Arivu (Awareness) and Neravu(Support). Regular workshops/ webinars, training modules and lectures for capacity building of staff and skill building for students/ general public are undertaken with the aim of empowering individuals with crucial life skills needed to cope with the everyday challenges of today’s world. The centre comprises of a multi-faith prayer hall/ meditation room, a workshop/seminar room and offices for counseling (individual and group)

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